My insurance company says I have to go to a certain shop… Do I have to do this?

You can choose where you take your car regardless of what the insurance company says. In fact you are backed by state law. Choose your shop based on how you would choose other services. Ask around, get referrals, or ask questions from other trusted sources.

How long will it take?

The repair time will vary depending on the amount of damage, but it also depends on the availability of parts. Most repairs take a few days to a week.

Who do I pay my deductible to?

The deductible is payable to Auto Art Body and Paint, Inc.

How do I get a rental car?

We will gladly arrange a rental vehicle for you. We will either get you into our own rental car or arrange for you to be picked up by Enterprise.

What is your Warranty?

We provide a lifetime warranty on our repairs. We stand by our work, if you have any questions or concerns about your repair, please don’t hesitate to ask. We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations. Occasionally we make mistakes. If so, we want to make it right. If you drive your vehicle away and you aren’t 100% satisfied, bring your vehicle back and we’ll take care of it. See our warranty for additional information.

What efforts does Auto Art make to protect the environment?

We only have one Earth.  At Auto Art, we strive to make sure we do our part to protect it.  Our shop complies with all environmental standards.  This includes air and water quality as well as a state of the art recycling system for all unused or waste material.  We also take pride in ensuring that all metals and plastics are recycled or sent out to local re-manufacturing companies.

I need to have my vehicle towed, what do I do?

You can have the vehicle towed directly to our shop. If it is after hours you can place the keys in the drop box and we will contact you the next business day. We will gladly arrange towing for you, but it might be easier to call the tow company directly. We use Taylor’s Towing.

When do I pay my deductible?

You can pay your deductible at any time during the repair. Typically customers wait until the vehicle is done before settling up.

My insurance company sent me a check. What do I do with it?

It is easiest to sign the check over to Auto Art. Often times they are two party checks if there is a loan on the vehicle. You can drop this check off at any time during the repair or when you pick up the vehicle.

Do I need to bring my car in for an estimate?

We can do some estimates by photo, in fact you can take a picture and send it in to us (get and estimate link) , but probably the best way is to bring your car in to the shop. It should only take a few minutes.

Do you have a shuttle service?

Yes, we can give you a ride home to anywhere in the Cottage Grove area.

What happens if you find additional damage?

The first estimate you get from us is a preliminary estimate. Often times we can’t see all of the damage initially and we find more once major parts have been removed from the vehicle. In fact, in the collision repair industry, insurance companies expect additional damage to be identified after the repair has begun. We will simply work with the insurance company to do these repairs and receive payment directly.

Do I have to use “after market parts”?

Insurers can use recycled or aftermarket parts to keep the cost of the repair down. Oregon law requires that these parts are certified by a third party. We will also inspect these parts to make sure they meet our high standards.